[Cinema Kaze] Seminar co-produced with NEC

ExpEther Solution for Factory Flexibility

Japan IT Week Online (Pre-registration required)
Wednesday, 16 June, 14:00 - 14:30
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Open Source vs. Vendor Locked-In Platforms.
What are the benefits to customers?
CATO Board Smart FPGA
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Enabling the Future Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, social infrastructure, etc.
Delivering technology to markets that demand high reliability and performance
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Customized High-end Systems


Leave it to us for contract development.
We offer a wide range of products from boards to systems and racks.
As an integrated solution with software.
We have been working together with our customers to solve their problems since our founding.
We have a proven track record of providing numerous professional services.


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Edge-to-Cloud IoT Solutions


Simplifying IoT app development
Accelerated project development
Reduce infrastructure costs

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