Read more IoTでオリンピックもスマートに IoT Basics Read more The basics of using IoT that you need to know! Enabling the Future Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical devices,
social infrastructure and many others.
We provide high quality technology for markets where
high reliability and performance are required.
linesforhomebanner HPEC PRODUCT FAMILY Intel ® Xeon® Processor D Family COM Express ® Basic Type 7 CPU Module Up to 16 cores (32 threads)
・Can be equipped with up to 64GB of main memory (ECC compatible)
10Gbit Ethernet with 2 ports
20W TDP can be selected
Temperature expansion support (-40 to 85° )
Ideal for a wide range of applications such as communication equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and medical devices
Adbc8043_top Adbc8043
Embedded Computing
Intelligent Systems
Network & Communication
EtherCAT ®
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Customized High-End Systems

You can trust us during the whole product development process.
Starting from the initial concept to the final solution, including the chassis and the software, you can be sure we will deliver a high- quality product.
Since our foundation, we have been actively working with our customers to design the systems required to meet their needs, with a proven 40 year record of providing high quality professional services.

Edge-to-cloud IoT Solutions

Simplify IoT app development
Accelerate project deployment
Reduce infrastructure costs
If you are interested in the development of a customized product, please contact us.

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