MQTT入門ガイド 実社会でのIoT活用例 ~バス輸送の効率化とサービス向上のために~ Enabling the Future semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, social infrastructure, etc.
We provide technology to markets where high reliability and performance are required.
linesforhomebanner HPEC PRODUCT FAMILY Intel ® Xeon® Processor D Family COM Express ® Basic Type 7 CPU Module Up to 16 cores (32 threads)
Up to 64GB of main memory can be installed (ECC compatible)
Equipped with 2 ports of 10Gbit Ethernet
Selectable from 20W TDP
Temperature expansion support (-40 degrees C to 85 degrees Celsius)
Ideal for a wide range of applications, including communication equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and medical devices
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Customized High-End Systems


Please leave the contract development to us.
Starting with the board, the system including the rack,
As a solution integrated with software.
We have been working together with our customers to solve problems since our founding.
We have a proven track record of professional services.

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Accelerate project deployment
Reduce infrastructure costs

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