Privacy Policy

Revision date: June 2, 2020



Advanet Inc. (hereinafter referred as “Advanet”) firmly believes that the proper handling of personal information related to the services provided within this website is a serious matter, hence the publishing of this privacy policy, aimed to clarify to our users how their personal data is being treated. Please read through the whole document carefully in order to understand the privacy implication of using this platform.


Article 1 (About personal information)


"Personal information" means information (personal identification information) that can identify specific individuals such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address that we collect through the usage of the website.


Article 2 (For purposes of using personal information)


The purpose for which Advanet collect and utilize user’s personal information is the following:

      1. To provide and manage our services
      2. To answer inquiries from users (Including verifying identity)
      3. To send e-mails related to specific services that users are making use of and other service information
      4. To deliver important information and notices in case of necessity


Article 3 (About change of purpose of use)


      1. Advanet will change the purpose of use of personal information only if the updated purpose of use is related to the prior
      2. In the event of Advanet changing the purpose of use, the users will be informed after its change through the method specified by Advanet itself or by making it public on this website


Article 4 (About providing the personal information to third parties)


Advanet will never provide the personal information to third parties without obtaining prior consent from the user, except in the following cases:

      1. When there is explicit consent from the user himself / herself
      2. In cases where it is necessary to outsource certain operations to another company, which previously signed a confidentiality agreement on how to handle the personal information
      3. When Advanet processes statistical data etc. into a stage that cannot be identified as personal information anymore
      4. When requested by law enforcement or administrative agencies that force providing Advanet’s stored data based on specific laws and regulations
      5. When the disclosure or provision is permitted by other laws and regulations


Article 5 (About disclosure, correction, addition, deletion of personal information)


      1. Advanet will disclose individual’s own personal information when the individual user inquiries for it
      2. Advanet will promptly act when the individual user requests to correct, add or delete his/her personal information


Article 6 (About SSL)


In the case of providing personal information through this website, Advanet uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption method as a security technology to prevent any information leakage; Advanet will also protect and encrypt the overall platform communication protocol with SSL and ensure that the user will have a secure session within our website.


Article 7 (About cookies)


      1. This website may store cookies inside the visitor's computer
      2. “Cookie” is a mechanism to store the navigation history and input contents sent and received between the browser and the server as a file on the visitor's computer while using the website
      3. The user can refuse to store the data inside the setting panel of the Internet browsing software (browser), but please be aware that it may not be possible to use the website properly because of this setting


Article 8 (About Access Analysis Tools)


This website uses Google's analytics tool named "Google Analytics" to collect users’ access information and conduct analysis on it. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect the abovementioned access information. This access information is collected anonymously, therefore neither Google nor Advanet are able to identify the single individuals through this tool. Google Analytics cookies are held for a maximum of 26 months; since users have the option to refuse storing cookies through the browser settings, it is recommended to check these preferences in advance.


Article 9 (About change of privacy policy)


      1. The contents of this Privacy Policy can be changed without notifying the user
      2. Unless otherwise specified by Advanet, the modified privacy policy will take effect from the actual time it is posted on our website


Article 10 (Contact window of inquiries)


For inquiries, complaints and consultations on this privacy policy, please reach out to us through the "inquiry form".