Company Profile

Company Profile

nameAdvanet Inc.
officerSandro Barazza, Chairman of the Board
Ludovico Ciferri, President
Sebastian Bain, Director
Roberto Siagri, Director
Koji Chino, Corporate Auditor
establishmentJuly 3, 1981.
capital stock72.44 million yen
Corresponding BanksChugoku Bank Ltd., MUFG Bank Ltd., Mizuho Bank Ltd.
head office616-4 Tanaka, Kita-ku, Okayama City, 700-0951, Japan
(TEL)086-245-2861 (FAX)086-245-2860
factory134-1 Yonekura, Minami-ku, Okayama City, 700-0954, Japan
(TEL)086-243-2340 (FAX)086-243-8351
Tokyo BranchKDX Kajicho Building 4F, 3-5-2 Kanda Kajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0045, Japan
(TEL) 03-5294-1731 (FAX) 03-5294-1734
ISO CERTIFICATION ISO 9001: 4016-1995-AQ-KOB-JAB (April 19, 1995)
ISO 14001: 1426-1999-AE-KOB-JAB (June 4, 1999)
ISO 27001: 01681-2006-AIS-KOB-ISMS-AC (July 12, 2006)
Who we areHardware and software development for microcomputer application systems
Development, manufacturing and sales of industrial electronic control equipment
Development of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
Design and development of IT-related equipment
Development, manufacturing, and sales of various standard bus-compatible CPUs and I/O boards
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Company History

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2019.7Received an "Encouragement Award" from the Director of Okayama Labor Bureau for the activities of the Safety and Health Committee at the plant.
2017.11Received an award from the Okayama City Fire Department for fire prevention management and fire prevention efforts at the plant.
2014.5Ludovico Ciferri joins as President
2013.8An organization focused on expanding sales of M2M solutions and system products provided by Eurotech. Established "Eurotech System Business Unit"
2012.6Acquired ISO 27001 certification for the factory
2011.4Advanet Co., Ltd. and Spirit 21 Merged. Advanet Co., Ltd. succeeded the business
2009.11Spirit 21 moved to the new plant (134-1 Yonegura, Minami-ku, Okayama City)
2008.6Acquired ISO27001 certification extended for the Tokyo branch
2008.4Vantec Corporation and Spirit 21 Corporation merge and Spirit 21 Corporation takes over the business.
2008.1Moved the Tokyo branch to the current location (4th Floor KDX Kazicho Bld, 3-5-2, Kandakaji-cho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 101-0045) to expand the business.
2007.11Becoming part of the Eurotech Group, headquartered in Italy
Changed the fiscal year end to December.
2006.10Increased capital to 72.44 million yen.
2006.7Acquired ISO 27001 certification (Okayama head office)
2004.11Moved Vantec Corporation to 3-20-8 Noda, Okayama City.
2004.8To expand our business, we moved the Advanet Head Office to the current location (Tanaka 616-4, Okayama City).
2002.5ISO 9001 2000 Edition transition completed.
Spirit 21 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 Extended Registration
2002.2Developed Japan's first compact PCIBus Pentium4 board.
2001.4ISO 9001 periodic audit update (2nd)
New factory of Spirit 21 was built and the latest mounting line was installed.
2000.10Promoted the Tokyo Sales Office to the Tokyo Branch due to business expansion.
1999.6Acquired ISO 14001 certification in our manufacturing division (Vantec co., ltd.)
1999.4Expanded the Okayama Head Office due to business expansion.
1998.3ISO 9001 Periodic audit update
1997.10Participated in the Okayama Information Highway Project as an experiment.
1997.7Participated in NTT's OCN business
1996.7Set up a website for your company
Expanded solder inspection equipment, board checkers, and surface mounting lines to strengthen production and inspection facilities.
With the completion of the intranet environment, we developed and installed our own Internet server
1996.5Spun off Vantec Corporation as a mass-production plant and Spirit 21 Corporation as a prototype plant from the software development department (138-110 Tanaka, Okayama City, 900 square meters in size) to expand business.
Launching an internet business and building an in-house intranet system.
1995.4Acquired ISO 9001 screening
1995.2ISO 9001 preliminary examination ends
1995.1Migrated to the latest CR5000, a comprehensive CAD/CAM/CAE system for electronic circuits.
Introduced a comprehensive file management system (PDM5000)
1993.1Started to develop a quality assurance system as an ISO 9001 certified company
1992.7Improved processing power by upgrading the overall CAD/CAM/CAE system for electronic circuits
1992.5Opened an R&D center to settle a new product development division adjacent to the head office, as a process of actively investing in future businesses
1991.6Opened Tokyo Sales Office and strengthened the sales expansion system.
1991.5Changed the company name to Advanet, Inc. and introduced the second CI system.
Increased capital to 42 million yen.
1991.2Introduced a business division system at a subsidiary and operated on an independent accounting basis
1990.12Introduction of nine additional units of comprehensive CAD/CAM/CAE systems for electronic circuits, for a total of 12 units, for integrated automation of everything from circuit design to printed circuit board design
Moved the Vantec head office and plant to Tanaka, Okayama City (153-101 Tanaka, Okayama City, 900 square meters in area) for business expansion.
Ltd. established a surface mounting CIM line for printed circuit boards and established a high-mix low-volume production system.
1990.4Introduced the HP BOARD TESTER 3070AT (CIM INSPECTION SYSTEM) for printed circuit boards
1990.2(Capital: 10 million yen, Representative Director Fumio Komatsu), a software development subsidiary, is established to expand business, and the software development division is made independent.
Established a manufacturing subsidiary, Vantec Co., Ltd. (capital of 10 million yen, representative director Fumio Komatsu), and independently operated the manufacturing division.
1988.4Moved the head office and plant to 3-20-8 Noda, Okayama City for business expansion.
Increased capital to 21 million yen.
Chip mounter, reflow oven, and automatic jet solderer were introduced to establish a production system for surface mount boards.
Signed a distributorship agreement with Fujitsu Ltd. for VARs.
Sales of the company's FMR series personal computers and development and sales of the AFM series expansion cards
1987.7Three printed circuit board design CAD/CAM/CAE systems are introduced to strengthen the in-house development system for printed circuit boards
1985.7MDS SERIES is introduced to further enhance computer application development systems
MDS225 upgraded to MDS286FD-KIT to develop 8086 system
1982.10Moved the head office and plant to 497-1 Fujisaki, Okayama City for business expansion.
Introduced automatic soldering equipment and environmental testing equipment for mass production of printed circuit boards.
1981.7Established as Advanced System Corporation with capital of 10 million yen.
Started to design and manufacture industrial electronic control and measurement equipment.

Development Results

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2019Intel® Xeon® D-2100 CPU board IRIS
EtherCAT Universal Slave Module AdiNS1576
2018COM Express® Compact Type7 Basic Size Intel® Xeon® Processor D Family CPU Module Adbc8043
24ch RTD Module E-070 for EtherCAT
2017CompactPCI 3U NXP QoIQ T2080 CPU Board A3pci7527
2016Intel® Xeon® E5-2600v3/v4 CPU board WOLF
COM Express® Compact Type6 Intel® Xeon® Processor D Family CPU Module Adbc8041
6U VXS™/VMEbus™ NXP® QorIQ® T4080 Communications Processors CPU board Advme7525
6U VXS™/VMEbus™ NXP® QorIQ® T4160 Communications Processors CPU board Advme7526
2015Intelligent EtherCAT® XMC module Adxmc1573
2014Intel® Xeon®E3-1200v3 CPU board JUNO
Intelligent CompactPCI EtherCAT® Masterboard A3pci1571
Intelligent PCI Express EtherCAT® Master Board AdEXP1572
2013Advme8038 CPU module based on the 4th generation Intel® processor family
Intel® Atom processor E3800 family (BayTrail-I) CPU module Adbc8039
20123rd Generation Intel® Processor Family CPU Module Adbc8037 (COM Express)
Freescale QorIQ™ P2020/P2010 CPU board Advme7522/Advme7521 (VME)
Freescale QorIQ™ P2010 CPU board A6pci7523 (6U CompactPCI)
CC-Link Communication Slave Board Advme1569 (VME)
PCI Express StarFabric Bridge Board AdEXP1567 (PCI Express)
64-Channel, 16-Bit A/D Conversion Board Advme2618 (VME)
2011Freescale QorIQ Series Evaluation Kit for QorIQ COM Express Mini-ITX Common Carrier Boards
Intel® Core™ i7 CPU board Adbc8034 (COM Express)
Intel® Core™ i7 VME64-compatible CPU board Advme8035 (VME)
2010CPU board with Freescale Dual Core MPC8572E Advme7516 (VME bus)
Freescale 8Core QorIQ P4080 CPU module Adbc7517 (COM Express)
Freescale Dual Core QorIQ P2020 CPU module Adbc7519 (COM Express)
Freescale Dual Core QorIQ P1021 CPU module Adbc7520 (COM Express)
Intel® Core™ i7 CPU board Adbc8031 (COM Express)
Intel® Atom CPU Board A6pci8029 (6U CompactPCI)
Intel® Atom CPU Board A3pci8030 (3U CompactPCI)
AMCC PowerPC405GP CPU board Advme7507C (VME bus)
Intel® Core2Duo CPU board Advme8027 (VME bus)
Intel® Atom CPU Board Advme8028
2009Serial RapidIO switch unit Adsw2902
PCI Express-Serial RapidIO Bridge Board AdEXP1566 (PCI Express)
Intel® Integrated Processor EP80579 CPU Board A6pci8026 (6U CompactPCI)
Freescale Dual Core MPC8572 CPU board Adbc7515 (COM Express)
RENESAS SH7751(SH-4) CPU board Advme7006 (VME bus)
IBM PowerPC 750CL CPU board Advme7514 (VME bus)
2008Intel® Integrated Processor EP80579 CPU Board Adbc8025 (COM Express)
E-068 time server with PoE (PoE module)
AMCC G2 PowerPC440EPx CPU Board Advme7513 (VME Bus)
Intel® Integrated Processor EP80579 CPU Board A3pci8024 (CompactPCI)
CompactPCI Express/ComapctPCI Bridge Board A3EXP1565 (CompactPCI Express)
Subrack for CompactPCI Express/CompactPCI AdRC-EXP1
Catalyst Module (embedded CPU module) for Intel® Atom™-based control controllers
StarFabric Bridge Board with DMA Controller AdEXP1561 (PCI Express)
2007Intel® CoreDuo CPU Board A6EXP8021 (CompactPCI Express)
Intel® CoreDuo CPU board Adbc8022 (COM Express)
Intel® CeleronM CPU Board Adbc8023 (Embedded CPU Board)
Freescale MPC7448 CPU board Advme7511 (VME bus)
Freescale MPC7447A CPU board A3pci7512 (Compact PCI bus)
CPU board with SH-4 Advme7004 (VME bus)
AMD GeodeLX800 CPU Board Adbc8020 (Embedded CPU Board)
PoE compatible DIO module E-062 (PoE module)
PoE RTD module E-063 (PoE module)
PoE TC module E-064 (PoE module)
PoE-enabled ARCNRT Module E-065 (PoE Module)
PoE compatible CAN module E-066 (PoE module)
DeviceNet module E-067 (PoE module)
DeviceNet Board Adpci1559 (PCI bus)
ARCNET Board AdEXP1560 (PCI Express)
StarFablic Bridge Board with Built-in DMA Controller AdEXP1562 (PCI Express)
2 Channel Gigabit Ethernet Board A3EXP1563 (CompactPCI Express)
2006PowerPC440GX CPU Board Advme7510 (VME Bus)
4-channel high-speed A/D converter board Advme2616 (VME bus)
4 Channel High Speed D/A Conversion Board Advme2708 (VME Bus)
4-channel serial + ARCNET board Adpci1558 (PCI bus)
PentiumM CPU Board A6pci8019 (Compact PCI Bus)
2005Freescale MPC7447A CPU board A6pci7508 (Compact PCI bus)
LV PentiumM CPU board A6pci8018 (compact PCI bus)
Intel® ULV Celeron CPU Board Advme8017 (VME Bus)
Isolated 64chA/D board A6pci2613A (compact PCI bus)
Isolated 16ch D/A Board A6pci2707A (Compact PCI Bus)
8-Channel Thermocouple Measuring Board A3pci2614A (Compact PCI bus)
6-channel Pt100 measuring board A6pci2615A (compact PCI bus)
PowerPC750FX CPU board Advme7509 (VME bus)
2004Developed JPEG compression board Adpmc2211.
Distributed controller (business-card size SH-4 CPU board + I/O board development)
Intel® ULV Celeron Industrial Computer Systems Aicos
Intel® PentiumM CPU board A6pci8014 (compact PCI bus)
Intel® ULV Celeron CPU Board A6pci8016 (Compact PCI Bus)
PMC Carrier Board A3pci0104 (Compact PCI Bus)
PMC Carrier Board A6pci0105 (Compact PCI bus)
PrPMC Carrier Board A6pci0106 (Compact PCI bus)
2003Developed Intel® ULV Celeron CPU board Adbc8015 (EBX size)
StarFabric Bridge Board Adpci1553 (PCI bus) / A3pci1554 (Compact PCI bus)
StarFabric Bridge Board Adpmc1555 Development
Mobile Pentium 4-M 2.2GHz CPU board A6pci8012 developed
2002Celeron/PentiumIII CPU Board A6pci8006 (Compact PCI Bus) Development
Pentium 4 Northwood 2GHz CPU board A6pci8008 (compact PCI bus) developed
PowerPC CPU board A6pci7504 (Compact PCI bus) developed
PowerPC CPU board Adpmc7506 (PMC module) was developed.
Development of Adanet Linux for SH4, an embedded Linux evaluation kit
Adusb1549 USB-compatible ARCNET interface unit was developed.
VIA CPU board Adbc8011 (3.5" HDD size) developed
VIA CPU board Adpci8013 (PCI bus) developed
StarFabric Bridge Board Adpci1553/A3pci1554 (Compact PCI, PCI bus)
2001Development of 3-Camera Real-Time Image Composition System
Development of VME board with PowerPC405GP
Development of SH-4 CompactPCI/VME Boards
OS-9 BSP porting to SH-4 proprietary boards
Linux porting to SH-4's own boards
Low Power Pentium III CPU board A6pci8003 (Compact PCI) developed
Published the source code of CPU monitor software T4th.
PowerPC 405GP CPU board A6pci7503 (Compact PCI) was developed.
PowerPC 405GP CPU board Advme7507 (VME bus)
PowerPC750 CPU board Advme7505 (VME bus)
2000Development of the MovingEye Series Compact and High Performance FISHEYE Converter E051A
Development of the above high resolution version of FISHEYE converter E051A-H
Development of the E054 clustering server
Development of various modules for thermal plant control devices
Development of tester equipment for automotive ECUs
Development of a high-performance motor controller system (DSP C6701)
Development of DSP control boards for seismic isolation devices (MATLAB compatible) (DSP C6701 installed)
Development of HiFi voice announcement board (PCI bus)
Development of Accelerator Control Pattern I/O Board
Development of a compact PCI/VMECPU board with Pentium III
Development of PCI-PCI Bus Bridge (FPGA)
Development of PowerPC750/7400 CompactPCI/VME CPU board
VxWorks BSP porting to PPC-based boards made in-house
Development of CC-LINK boards (CompactPCI/VME bus)
Development of device drivers for Solaris
Development of device drivers for Linux
Development of PCI-VME bus bridge (FPGA)
1999Development of the MovingEye Series Information Kiosk
Development of analog boards for 42-inch plasma displays
Development of the MovingEye Series FISHEYE Converter E051
Development of an intraoral camera system
Started development of a 300,000 pixel progressive color camera.
Development of an I/F board for DSRC (narrowband radio communication)
Development of IEEE1394 boards
Development of a 3-axis motor controller system (with DSP C32)
Development of multi-channel intelligent A/D boards
Development of VME CPU board with SH-3
OS-9 porting to SH-3 in-house made boards
Development of the COMPACT PCI board with SH-3
Development of a dedicated computer board for molecular dynamics (COMPACT PCI)
Development of a compact pci board with Celron
Development of various COMPACTPCI boards for HOTSWAP
VxWorks BSP porting to our own x86-based boards
pSOS BSP porting to our own X86-based boards
Development of Device-driver for HP-RT
1998Started development of various compact PCI boards.
Started development of DeviceNet.
Started development of a small equipment diagnostic system.
1997Developed MPEG2 pitcher system *E-043 sales started.
TI's C44 multi-DSP board is developed for image processing measurement.
Development of ultra-low-cost transformer/isolation boards
Development of RISC chip SH-3 CPU board (VME bus)
Development of low-cost shared memory boards
Development of CompoBus/D slave unit
1996Developed a floppy disk transfer device using SDN lines *Launched DIX ISDN AD
Development of various PCI bus-compatible boards (multimedia-compatible)
Development of LON chip application products
Development of a Large-Scale Gantry Crane Control System Using Image Processing
Development of Pentium board
Development of Internet Server (E-040)
AD sharc (adsp-21062) multi-DSP board (VME bus) was developed for image processing.
1995Developed a high-definition still image system *Started selling Ad Studio
Development of a Highway Track Number Recognition Image Processing System
Development of a Low-cost Turbine Boiler Control System for Thermal Power Plants
1994Developed D.S.P. system *Digital filter board sales started.
Developed the IBM PC/AT bus I/F card series *AISA series started sales
Developed the VME bus I/F board series *Advme series sales started.
XPASS TCP/IP PPP was developed *Started selling XPASS PPP
1992Developed a portable cable checker.
Developed a camera digitizer for semiconductor manufacturing equipment *Professor Mount began sales
1991Developed a frame memory device for high-definition television.
Developed a high-definition theater system.
Developed an ISDN file transfer device *Started selling XPASS series
Development of automotive engine noise and muffling systems
1990Developed an image recognition device for mobile cranes.
Developed a gate array for distributed communication controllers.
Developed 80486 CPU board.
Developed a DSP system for signal processing.
Developed a distributed measurement and control network for industrial use *Advanet sales started
Developed multi-bus, DMA boards, DI/O and AI/O boards.
Developed OS/2 device driver software.
Developed a spatial filter processing substrate.
Development of FMR series boards (20 types).
Developed an improved version of the Gas Analyzer E009A *Gas Analyzer E009A goes on sale
Development of ASICs for multiplex communications.
1989Development of a multiplexing system.
Developed a sample image recorder.
Developed EL terminal.
Development of a 32-bit digital controller.
1988Developed 80386 CPU board.
Design and prototype high-definition VTRs.
Developed a SCSI controller.
1987Developed a fully automatic egg selection and packaging machine control system.
Development of a data collection system for transistor production lines.
Developed a system development tool for microcomputers *ANSWER sales started.
Developed the lorry shipping system terminal equipment.
Developed an expansion card series for FMR *AFM series sales started.
Developed a control device using voice input.
1986Developed a control device for a drawing-folding machine.
Developed NC sewing machine.
Developed an automatic key cutting machine control device for automobiles.
Developed an alarm data logging system for steel plants.
Shadow mask Hm measuring machine developed.
1985Developed an automatic torque measuring machine.
Infrared carbon dioxide
Developed a water vapor variation meter *Gas Analyzer E009 was released.
Developed the BITBUS system.
Developed a LAN system for FA *ACNET launched sales.
Development of 80286 CPU board.
Developed the Multibus II compatible board.
Development of 2-axis servo controllers.
1984Developed an automatic bearing grinding machine.
Development of a standard VTR for making tapes.
Developed multi-bus Ie compatible board.
Completion of microcomputer hardware series *ACB board series
Development of a sequencer for machining center control.
Developed a non-destructive magnetic material inspection system *Mag Checker E016 sales started.
Developed DC magnetization characteristics recording device *B-H Curve Tracer E006
Developed automatic film inspection system.
1983Developed a control device for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Developed an automatic visual inspection system using image sensors.
Development of a control device for 5-axis spraying robots.
Developed NC woodworking machine.
Development of an electric micro for after-gauge.
1982Developed a five-phase stepping motor driving unit.
Developed an automatic tapered roller measuring system for bearings.
Developed a microcomputer control system for automatic grinding machines.
Developed an automatic sheet-matching welding machine control device.
Development of a 4-axis multi-point positioning device for TIG welding machines.
1981Development of 3-Axis Cartesian Coordinate Type Welding Robot Control System

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