2021年 社長より年頭のご挨拶


2021年 社長より年頭のご挨拶

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To our Customers, Partners and Suppliers

Year 2020 has just closed, with its legacy of unexpected toughness due to COVID-19 pandemic.  A new year is starting now, and, as after the night another morning always comes, we see today signs of hope and rebound for the future.

First and foremost, the technology sector is blasting off in the wake of the first global pandemic in over a century.  The world has been scrambling to stay functional while practicing self-isolation.  Technology has been the saving grace of the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing society to work, shop, and be entertained without walking out of the door.  Semiconductors in particular, and electronics in general are today at the heart of every advanced technology, from the smartphone to robots, self-driving cars and satellites.

That is where Advanet has been active since its inception, keeping its position as a leading supplier of systems and solutions to support our customers empowering the future of the society.

In this ever-changing environment, Advanet is now preparing to celebrate its 40th anniversary.  Established on July 3rd of 1981, this year will be the occasion to rejoice around the many achievements that we have had, and hopefully for us all, to be able to meet and celebrate in person by the summer.

From a technological perspective, we are seeing the consolidation of edge computing as a major trend, with impressive growth trends.  The value of the global edge computing market is expected to climb from 3.5 billion dollars in 2019 to 43.4 billion in 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 37.4 percent.

Edge computing is – in a sense – what Advanet has been doing since its inception, when we started working on areas closer to the edge (motor control, machine control devices etc.), converting data collected from various sensors in the field into digital data for aggregation and monitoring functions.

As the market evolved, Advanet High Performance Computers backed its customers’ growing needs for arithmetic processing of aggregated data, for high performance, high speed, and high accuracy of device control.  When Advanet joined the Eurotech group, IoT solutions were added to its portfolio to further improve advanced data collection and high performance at the edge.

Hence a long journey through the latest stint in Advanet’s path, to helping our customers to drive towards Digital transformation (DX).  Digital transformation is – foremost – a tectonic change of mentality at societal level, enabled by the adoption of digital technology, to transform services or businesses, through replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or replacing older digital technology with newer digital technology.

Thanks to the great support of its partners and suppliers, Advanet has always provided solutions for this transformation that the world is heading towards, and will continue to offer leading solutions for this new digital era whilst continuing to support our valuable customers through their legacy businesses.

Let’s empower our societies together, enabling the future for us all.

Ludovico Ciferri
President & Representative Director








市場が発展するにつれ、アドバネットの高性能コンピュータ製品は、高速、高精度な制御の実現のために集約されたデータの高速演算処理に関する顧客の高まるニーズを後押しする役割を果たしています。 アドバネットがEurotechグループに加わって以来、IoTソリューションが弊社のポートフォリオに追加され、高度なデータ収集とエッジ領域での高速演算性能がさらに向上しています。



代表取締役社長 ルドヴィコ・チフェッリ