Enabling the Future Advanet provides manufactured high-quality industrial computers, IoT & HPEC Solutions to meet the requirements of the most demanding industries, such as semiconductor manufacturing, transportation infrastructure, medical devices, and communication equipment.
Through our “Professional Services", we develop, manufacture and support customized solutions, solving your problems with a reliable one-stop process.
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President and Representative Director

Ludovico Ciferri

Welcome to Advanet's 40th Anniversary


For the last two years, in the wake of the first global pandemic in over a century, the world has been scrambling to stay functional while practicing self-isolation. The digitalization of many activities underlying every day’s life has been the saving grace of the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing society to function, working, shopping, and being entertained without walking out of the door.


At the heart of this process are electronic components like egde computers, key elements of every advanced technology, from robots, to medical instruments, self-driving vehicles, and satellites. Since its inception back on July 3rd of 1981, Advanet has been active in these technologies, consolidating its reputation as a leading supplier of electronic systems and solutions to support empowering the digital transformation of the society.


In today’s ever-changing environment, Advanet is celebrating its 40th anniversary, fully embracing the Digital transformation (DX) drive. A tectonic change of mentality at societal level, DX is enabled by the adoption of digital technology, to transform services or businesses, through replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or replacing older digital technology with newer digital technology.


With its consolidated experience in developing and manufacturing a broad range of highly reliable industrial electronic equipment to digitalize the social infrastructure, from medical care to semiconductor manufacturing and mobility, Advanet commits today at further improving its technological and societal footprint by launching new initiatives in cooperation with leading institutions and industrial players.


Let’s empower our societies together, enabling the future for us all.

Who we are

The high quality of Made in Japan.
From Okayama to the World. And to the future.


High quality industrial computers manufactured in Japan are used in semiconductor manufacturing, transportation infrastructure, medical equipment, and

We provide our products to industries that require particularly high reliability, such as communications equipment. communications equipment.


From hardware development to firmware and
Please leave everything to us, even mechanism design.


CPU boards that comply with standards such as CompactPCI, VME, COM Express, etc.

interface boards, I/O boards, and other interface boards, I/O boards, and other products that are fully customized to meet customer needs. We also design and develop the optimal firmware and chassis for the hardware.

Advanet's Strength

The technical know-how to support customers throughout the product life cycle.


Advanet develops and manufactures a broad range of industrial equipment to support social infrastructure, such as medical devices and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which are embedded as the core product. The reliability that is strongly required for such equipment can only be realized because of Advanet's integrated system from proposal through the development and the ongoing support capabilities.

The advantage of Advanet is that it combines the philosophy of manufacturing, which has been forged in the Japanese market, and the global market competitiveness acquired as a member of the Eurotech Group. While considering cost reduction and shortening of development time, we continue to follow our manufacturing and domestic support systems in Japan, which is an important value for the safety of our customers.



Integrated system in Japan from development and design to manufacturing and quality control


Advanet provides products that meet customer requirements with an integrated support system from development and design to manufacturing and quality control.

We have our own factory in Okayama, where our head office is located, and we mainly manufacture our products in Japan.

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