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Why Advanet's EtherCAT®

Low CPU load

Intelligent EtherCAT® Master Communication EtherCAT® environment is enabled typically by implementing the master stack on Ethernet hardware. Advanet provides EtherCAT® master communications on-board by implementing the Xilinx Zynq® with ARM® Cortex®-A9 on a board to minimize the impact for the host CPU as bus master.


Secure Cable Redundancy

The redundant cable configuration adopting ring topology which recovers the communication cable failure in the EtherCAT® system allows the communications to reach any branch even in case of cable fracturing happened at any point.

Hot Connect Responds to Unexpected Replacement

The protocol of the EtherCAT® system utilizing a hot connect capability provides flexible and responsive functionalities to change the system configuration which allows you to connect/disconnect or reconfigure any part of the network "on-the-fly".


Master Board Replaceable on Host
Hardware Independent

At the hardware replacement, the reconfiguration is usually required when the master stack is installed directly to host hardware. Advanet EtherCAT® master board allows host hardware independent. Since the EtherCAT® master communication is executed on the board, all you have to do is to move the master board to the new hardware.

Open Field Bus EtherCAT®

The rapid and real-time open field bus "EtherCAT®" is an abbreviation for Ethernet for Control Automation Technology, and an open field bus system developed by Beckhoff Automation (German automation equipment manufacturer) and released in 2003.


EtherCAT® Products

EtherCAT® Evaluation Kit


We have all the tools you need to develop your applications in one package.
You will be able to use the kit as soon as you get it.
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Advanet Intelligent EtherCAT® PCI Express Master Board AdEXP1572
IAR SYSTEMS Slave Evaluation Kit "IAR KickStart Kit" bundled with Renesas Electronics R-IN32M3-EC

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