Eurotech is a hardware and software company under the brand name Everyware IoT. Providing IoT solutions, Everyware IoT caters to every industry IoT gateways, open standard edge frameworks and field devices to to connect to business analytics and enterprise applications in a modular An IoT integration platform that provides cloud infrastructure. Based on open source and standards, Everyware IoT is a vendor lock-in Accelerate the development of IoT applications and project deployment while avoiding



Open source, based on open standards and supported by a large ecosystem This allows for flexibility while avoiding the limitations of proprietary and lock-in solutions. It ensures compatibility and interoperability.


Bootstrapping IoT applications for rapid deployment and reduced time to revenue IoT edge gateways, industrial field protocols, and Edge Computing Framework, IoT Integration Hub is a modular offerings.


DevOps for IoT. managing devices and deployments in the field. Integrating information technology (IT) and control and operations technology (OT) to improve operational efficiency, and Provides deployment flexibility and infrastructure security.

Everyware Software Framework (ESF)

IoT Edge Framework


Everyware, a Java-based, enterprise-ready IoT edge framework The Software Framework (ESF) is a way to bring data to the IoT cloud platform field protocols (Modbus, OPC-UA, and S7), MQTT connections, and web-based visual data flow programming. I am.

IoT 1
IoT 2

Everyware Cloud (EC)

IoT Integration Platform


The Everyware Cloud (EC) is based on a microservices architecture We offer an open and modular IoT integration platform, EC provides device management, diagnostics, provisioning, and remote IoT gateways and devices. We provide access and telemetry data integration services.

IoT 3
IoT 4

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