Company Profile


Company Name

Advanet Inc.

Board Member

Representative Director& Chairman Sandro Barazza
Representative Director & President Ludovico Ciferri
Representative Director & COO Sebastian Bain
Director Roberto Siagri
Statutory Auditor Stefano Bertoli
Statutory Auditor Koji Kayano


July 3, 1981


72,440,000 yen


Chugoku Bank
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Mizuho Bank


616-4, Tanaka, Kita-ku, Okayama 700-0951 JAPAN


134-1, Yonegura, Minami-ku, Okayama 700-0954 JAPAN

Tokyo Branch

KDX Kaji-cho Bldg. 4F, 5-2, 3-chome,
Kanda Kaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0045 JAPAN

ISO Certification

ISO 9001: 4016-1995-AQ-KOB-JAB (April 19, 1995)
ISO 14001: 1426-1999-AE-KOB-JAB (June 4, 1999)
ISO 27001: 01681-2006-AIS-KOB-JIPDEC (July 12, 2006)

Company History


  • Advanet appoints Mr. Ludovico Ciferri as a Representative Director & President
  • 2012.6

  • Factory was ISO27001 certified (in addition to Head Office in Okayama)
  • 2011.4

  • Advanet Inc. and Spirit 21 Inc. merged and operate as Advanet Inc.
  • 2008.4

  • Vantec Inc. and Spirit 21 Inc. merged and operate as Spirit 21 Inc.
  • 2008.1

  • Advanet Inc. Tokyo branch relocated to present location
  • 2007.11

  • Became a member of Eurotech Group,S.p.A based at Italy
  • Account end has been changed to December
  • 2006.10

  • The capital has been increased to 72.44 million yen
  • 2006.7

  • Obtained ISO27001 Certification (Head Office in Okayama)
  • 2006.4

  • Advanet to Open a Development Center in Kobe
  • 2004.8

  • Advanet Inc. headquarters relocated to present location
  • 2002.5

  • Transition to ISO 9001:2000 completed
  • Extension of ISO 9001/ISO 14001 certification to Spirit 21 Inc. registered
  • 2002.2

  • Japan's first Compact PCI Pentium4 CPU board developed
  • 2001.4

  • ISO 9001 periodical audit (2nd) passed
  • New factory of Spirit 21 Inc. constructed with latest Mounting lines installed
  • 2000.10

  • Tokyo sales office upgraded to Tokyo branch to meet growing business needs
  • 1999.6

  • Manufacturing department (Vantec Inc.) obtained ISO 14001 certification
  • 1999.4

  • Headquarters building in Okayama expanded to meet growing business needs
  • 1998.3

  • ISO 9001 periodical audit passed
  • 1997.10

  • Trial involvement in Okayama Information Highway Project
  • 1997.7

  • Participation in NTT Corporation's OCN project
  • 1996.7

  • Advanet web site opened
  • Soldering testers, board checkers, surface mount lines added to reinforce production/testing capacity
  • Corporate intranet completed and in-house-developed internet server installed
  • 1996.5

  • Vantec Inc. became responsible for volume production, while Spirit 21 Inc. became responsible for prototype manufacturing and separated from software development department (new location: 138-110 Tanaka, Okayama; total area of 900 sq. m.) to meet growing business needs
  • Internet business launched and building of company intranet system started
  • 1995.4

  • ISO 9001 certification audit passed
  • 1995.2

  • ISO 9001 pre-audit completed
  • 1995.1

  • Migrated integrated CAD/CAM/CAE systems for electronic circuits to the latest CR5000
  • Integrated file management system (PDM5000) introduced
  • 1993.1

  • Upgrading and improvement of quality assurance system started to meet ISO 9001 certification requirements
  • 1992.7

  • Integrated CAD/CAM/CAE systems for electronic circuits upgraded to improve processing capabilities
  • 1992.5

  • R&D Center built for new product development; active investment in future businesses
  • 1991.6

  • Tokyo sales office opened to boost sales capacity
  • 1991.5

  • Corporate name altered to Advanet Inc.; second-phase CI system introduced
  • Capital increased to JPY 42 million
  • 1991.2

  • Profit center approach applied to subsidiaries to operate on a stand-alone basis
  • 1990.12

  • 9 integrated CAD/CAM/CAE systems for electronic circuits added to achieve full automation of circuit designing through PCB designing using 12 systems
  • Headquarters of Vantec Inc. relocated to 153-101 Tanaka, Okayama to meet growing business needs[total area of 900 sq. m.]
  • Surface-mounting CIM lines set up in Vantec Inc. to establish high-mix low-volume production system
  • 1990.4

  • HP 3070AT board tester introduced to integrate PCB testing into CIM
  • 1990.2

  • Spirit21 Inc., established as a software development subsidiary, (with a capital of JPY 10 million; president Fumio Komatsu), to meet growing business needs
  • 1989.7

  • Vantec Inc., established as a manufacturing subsidiary, (with a capital of JPY 10 million; president Fumio Komatsu) to meet growing business needs
  • 1988.4

  • Main factory relocated to 3-20-8 Noda, Okayama to meet growing business needs [total area: 1,000 sq. m.]
  • Capital increased to JPY 21 million
  • Chip mounting equipment, reflow furnaces and automatic jet soldering machines introduced to build production system of surface mounted PCBs
  • VAR agreement signed with Fujitsu Ltd.
  • Sales of Fujitsu's FMR series PCs and development/sales of AFM series expansion cards launched
  • 1987.7

  • 3 integrated CAD/CAM/CAE PCB design systems introduced to strengthen in-house development of PCBs
  • 1985.7

  • MDS series introduced to step up computer-aided development system
  • 1983.2

  • MDS225 upgraded to MDS286FD-KIT to develop 8086 systems
  • 1982.10

  • Main factory relocated to 497-1 Fujisaki, Okayama to meet growing business needs [total area of 500 sq. m.]
  • Automatic soldering machines and environmental testing equipment introduced for volume production of PCBs
  • 1981.9

  • Intel®'s MDS225 introduced to develop microcomputer-aided systems
  • 1981.7

  • Advanced System Inc. established with a capital of JPY 10 million
  • Designing/manufacturing of industrial electronic control and measuring equipment commenced

  • Achievements


  • COM Express® Compact Type6 Intel® Xeon® Processor D Family CPU Module Adbc8041
  • 6U VXS/VMEbus NXP® QorIQ® T4080 Communications Processors CPU Board Advme7525
  • 6U VXS/VMEbus NXP® QorIQ® T4160 Communications Processors CPU Board Advme7526
  • 2015

  • Intelligent EtherCAT® XMC Module AdXMC1573
  • 2014

  • Intelligent CompactPCI EtherCAT® Master Board A3pci1571
  • Intelligent PCI Express EtherCAT® Master Board AdEXP1572
  • 2013

  • VXS/VMEbus CPU Board Based On The 4th Generation Intel® Core Processor Advme8038 (VME)
  • Intel® Atom Processor E3800 Family(BayTrail-Ⅰ)CPU module Adbc803
  • 2012

  • OM Express CPU Module with 3rdGeneration Intel®Core Processor Adbc8037 (COM Express)
  • 2011

  • Intel®Core i7 2715QE CPU Board Adbc8034 (COM Express)
  • ME64 CPU Board with Intel®Core i7 Advme8035 (VME)
  • 2010

  • Freescale Dual Core Processor MPC8572E CPU Board Advme7516 (VMEbus)
  • Freescale QorIQ P4080 Processor Module Adbc7517(COM Express)
  • Freescale QorIQ P2020 Processor Module Adbc7519 (COM Express)
  • Freescale QorIQ P1021 Processor Module Adbc7520 (COM Express)
  • Intel®Core i7 620 series CPU Board Adbc8031 (COM Express)
  • Intel®Atom CPU board A6pci8029 (6U CompactPCI)
  • Intel®Atom CPU board A3pci8030 (3U CompactPCI)
  • AMCC PowerPC405GP CPU Board Advme7507C (VMEbus)
  • Intel®Core2Duo CPU board Advme8027 (VMEbus)
  • Intel®Atom CPU board Advme8028 (VMEbus)
  • 2009

  • Serial RapidIO Switch Unit Adsw2902
  • PCI Express-Serial RapidIO Bridge Board AdEXP1566(PCI Express)
  • Intel® EP80579 CPU Board A6pci8026 (6U CompactPCI)
  • Freescale Dual Core MPC8572 CPU Board Adbc7515 (COM Express)
  • RENESAS SH7751(SH-4) CPU Board Advme7006 (VME board)
  • IBM PowerPC 750CL CPU Board Advme7514 (VME board)
  • 2008

  • Adbc8025 Intel® EP80579 CPU Board(COM Express)
  • E-068 PoE-Compatible Time server (PoE-Compatible Module)
  • Advme7513 AMCC FPU-integrated G2 PowerPC 440EPx CPU Board (VME Bus Board Series)
  • A3pci8024 Intel® EP80579 CPU Board (Compact PCI Board Series)
  • A3EXP1565 cPCIe-cPCI Bridge Board (CompactPCI Express Board Series)
  • AdRC-EXP1 cPCIe-cPCI Sub Rack for CompactPCI Express (CompactPCI Express Board Series)
  • AdEXP1561 StarFabric bridge board (PCI Express)
  • 2007

  • A6EXP8021 Intel® CoreDuo CPU board (CompactPCI Express)
  • Adbc8022 Intel® CoreDuo CPU board (COM Express)
  • Adbc8023 Intel® CeleronM CPU board (Embededded Type Board)
  • Advme7511 Freescale MPC7448 CPU board (VME board)
  • A3pci7512 Freescale MPC7447A CPU board (CompactPCI bus )
  • Advme7004 SH-4 CPU board (VME board)
  • Adbc8020 AMD GeodeLX800 CPU board (Embededded Type Board)
  • E-062 PoE-compatible DIO module (PoE-compatible module)
  • E-063 PoE-compatible RTD module (PoE-compatible module)
  • E-064 PoE-compatible TC module (PoE-compatible module)
  • E-065 PoE-compatible ARCNET module (PoE-compatible module)
  • E-066 PoE-compatible CAN module (PoE-compatible module)
  • E-067 PoE-compatible DeviceNet module (PoE-compatible module)
  • Adpci1559 DeviceNet board (PCI bus )
  • AdEXP1560 ARCNET board (PCI Express)
  • AdEXP1562 StartFabric bridge board (PCI Express)
  • A3EXP1563 2ch Gbit Ethernet Board (CompactPCI Express)
  • 2006

  • Advme7510 PowerPC440GX CPU board(VME board)
  • Advme2616 4-channel 240MSPS A/D Conversion Board(VME board)
  • Advme2708 4-channel 240MSPS D/A Conversion Board(VME board)
  • Adpci1558 4-channel Serial ARCNET Board(PCI bus )
  • A6pci8019 Intel® PentiumM CPU board(CompactPCI bus )
  • 2005

  • Advme7509 PowerPC750FX CPU board (VME board)
  • A6pci7508 (CompactPCI bus)
  • A6pci8018 Intel® PentiumM CPU board (CompactPCI bus)
  • Advme8017Intel® ULV Celeron CPU board (VME board)
  • A6pci2613A Isolated 64-channel A/D Board (CompactPCI bus)
  • A6pci2707A Isolated 16-channel D/A (CompactPCI bus)
  • A3pci2614A 8-channel Thermocouple Measurement Board (CompactPCI bus)
  • A6pci2615A 6-channel Pt100 Measurement Board (CompactPCI bus)
  • 2004

  • Adpmc 2211 JPEG compression board
  • Distributed controller (credit-card size SH-4CPU boards + I/O boards)
  • Aicos Intel® ULV Celeron industrial computer system
  • A6bc8014 Intel® PentiumM CPU board (CompactPCI bus)
  • A6bc8016 Intel® ULV Celeron CPU board (CompactPCI bus)
  • A3pci0104 PMC carrier board (CompactPCI bus)
  • A6pci0105 PMC carrier board (CompactPCI bus)
  • A6pci0106 PrPMC carrier board (CompactPCI bus)
  • 2003

  • Adbc8015 Intel® ULV Celeron CPU board (EBX size)
  • Adpci1553 (PCI bus)/ A3pci1554 (CompactPCI bus) StarFabric bridge boards
  • Adpci1555 StarFabric bridge board
  • A6pci8012 Mobile Pentium 4-M 2.2GHz CPU board
  • 2002

  • A6pci8006 Celeron/PentiumaV CPU board (CompactPCI bus)
  • A6pci8008 Pentium 4 Northwood 2GHz CPU board (CompactPCI bus)
  • A6pci7504 PowerPC CPU board (CompactPCI bus)
  • Adpmc7506 PowerPC CPU board (PMC module)
  • Adanet Linux for SH4:Built-in Linux evaluation kit
  • Adusb1549:USB-compatible ARCNET interface unit
  • Adbc8011 VIA CPU board (3.5"HDD size)
  • Adpci8013 VIA CPU board (PCI bus)
  • Adpci1553/A3pci1554 (compactPCI, PCI bus) StarFabric bridge boards
  • 2001

  • Real-time 3 camera image construction system
  • PowerPC4059P mounted VME board
  • SH-4 mounted CompactPCI/VME board
  • Porting of OS-9 to in-house-developed BSP SH-4 board
  • Porting of Linux to in-house-developed SH-4 board
  • A6pci8003 Low Power Pentium aV CPU board (CompactPCI)
  • Disclosure of source code for T4th CPU monitor software
  • A6pci7503 PowerPC 4059P CPU board (CompactPCI)
  • Advme7507 PowerPC405GP CPU board (VME bus)
  • Advme7505 PowerPC750 CPU board
  • 2000

  • MovingEye series E051A compact/high-performance FISHEYE Converter
  • E051A-H, a high-resolution version of FISHEYE converter
  • E054 clustering server
  • Various modules for thermal plant controlling system
  • In-vehicle ECU testing system
  • High-performance motor controller system (using C6701)
  • DSP(C6701) control board for vibration suppressor can be programed by MATLAB
  • HiFi voice announcement board (PCI bus)
  • Accelerator control pattern I/O board
  • PentiumIII CompactPCI/VME CPU board
  • PCI-PCI bus bridge (FPGA)
  • PowerPC750/7400 CompactPCI/VME CPU board
  • Porting of VxWorks BSP to in-house-developed PPC board
  • CC-LINK board (CompactPCI/VME bus)
  • Test driver for Solaris
  • Test driver for Linux
  • PCI-VME bus bridge (FPGA)
  • 1999

  • MovingEye series information kios
  • Analogue board for 42-inch plasma display
  • MovingEye series FISHEYE Converter E-051
  • Intraoral camera system
  • Launched development of 300K pixel progressive color camera
  • I/F board for DSRC (dedicated short range communication)
  • IEEE 1394 board
  • 3-axes motor control system (DSP C32 mounted)
  • Multichannel intelligent A/D board
  • SH-3 mounted VME CPU board
  • Porting of OS-9 to in-house-developed SH-3 board
  • SH-3 mounted CompactPCI board
  • Board dedicated for molecular dynamics calculator (CompactPCI)
  • Celeron processor CompactPCI board
  • Various CompactPCI boards correspond to HOTSWAP
  • Porting of VxWorks BSP to in-house-developed x86 board
  • Porting of pSOS BSP to in-house-developed x86 board
  • HP-RT device driver
  • 1998

  • Launched development of various CompactPCI boards
  • Launched development of DeviceNet
  • Launched development of compact equipment diagnostic system
  • 1997

  • MPEG 2 pitcher system  *Sales launch of E-043
  • TI C44 multi-DSP board for image processing/measurement
  • Ultra low-cost transformer/isolation board
  • RISC chipSH-3CPU board (VME bus)
  • Low-cost shared memory board
  • CompoBus/D slave unit
  • 1996

  • Floppy disk transfer system using ISDN lines  *Sales launch of DIX ISDN AD
  • Various PCI bus interface boards (multimedia support)
  • LON chip related products
  • Large gantry crane controller using image processing
  • Pentium board
  • Internet server (E-040)
  • AD sharc (adsp-21062) multi-DSP board (VME bus) for image processing
  • 1995

  • Hi-vision still image system  *Sales launch of Ad Studio
  • License plate identification image processing system for highways
  • Low-cost turbine/boiler control system for thermal power plants
  • 1994

  • D.S.P system  *Sales launch of digital filter board
  • IBM PC/AT bus I/F card series  *Sales launch of AISA series
  • VME bus I/F board series  *Sales launch of Advme series
  • XPASS TCP/IP PPP  *Sales launch of XPASS PPP
  • 1993

  • Analog ASIC for measurement/control  *Sales launch of straight system
  • 1992

  • Portable cable checker  *Sales launch of Cable Hakase
  • Camera digitizer for semiconductor manufacturing facility  *Sales launch of Mount Kyoju
  • 1991

  • Frame memory equipment for hi-vision
  • Hi-vision theater system
  • ISDN file transfer equipment  *Sales launch of XPASS series
  • Automotive engine noise reduction system
  • S-BUS board for SUN workstations
  • 1990

  • Image recognition system for travelling cranes
  • Gate array for distributed communication controllers
  • 80486 CPU board
  • DSP system for signal processing
  • Industrial distributed measurement controlling network  *Sales launch of Advanet
  • Multibus, DMA board, DI/O and AI/O boards
  • OS/2 device driver software
  • Spatial filtering boards
  • FMR series boards (20 kinds)
  • E009A advanced gas analyzer  *Sales launch of Gas Analyzer E009A
  • ASIC for multiplex communication
  • 1989

  • Multiplex system
  • Image sample recording system
  • EL terminal
  • 32 bit digital controller
  • 1988

  • 80386 CPU board
  • Designing/prototyping of high density VTR
  • SCSI controller
  • 1987

  • Fully-automated egg sorting and wrapping controller
  • Data collection system for transistor production lines
  • System development tool for microcomputers  *Sales launch of ANSWER
  • Terminal equipment for lorry shipment system
  • Extension card series for FMR  *Sales launch of AFM series
  • Voice activated controllers
  • 1986

  • Controller for folding machine for drawings
  • NC sawing machine
  • Controller for car key processing machines
  • Alarm data logging system for iron and steel plants
  • Shadow mask Hm measuring instrument
  • 1985

  • Automatic torque measuring instrument
  • Infrared CO gas analyzer  *Sales launch of Gas Analyzer E009
  • BITBUS system
  • FA LAN system  *Sales launch of ACNET
  • 80286 CPU board
  • Multibus II compatible board
  • Biaxial servo controller
  • 1984

  • Automatic bearing grinding machine
  • VTR Mother VTR to make standard tape
  • Multibus II compatible board
  • Product series structure for microcomputers and hardware completed  *Sales launch of ACB series boards
  • Development of machining center and control sequencer
  • Non-destructive magnetic material tester  *Sales launch of Mag Checker E01
  • Automatic DC magnetization BH curve tracer  *Sales launch of B-H Curve Tracer E006
  • Automatic film tester
  • 1983

  • Controller for semiconductor manufacturing machines
  • Automatic appearance tester using image sensor
  • Controller for five-axis spraying robot
  • NC woodwork processing machinery
  • Electric micrometer for after gauge
  • 1982

  • 5-phase stepping motor/driving unit
  • Automatic measuring instrument for taper rolling for bearings
  • Microcomputer/controller for automatic grinders
  • Controller for automatic steel-sheet fitting and welding machines
  • 4-axes multipoint positioning system for TIG welding machines
  • 1981

  • Controller for three cartesian coordinate axes welding robot

  • Access



    616-4, Tanaka, Kita-ku, Okayama 700-0951 JAPAN


    From Okayama Station (JR) exit Korakuen (East): 15 minutes by taxi



    134-1, Yonegura, Minami-ku, Okayama 700-0954 JAPAN


    From Okayama Station (JR) exit Korakuen (East): 25 minutes by taxi

    Tokyo Branch


    KDX Kaji-cho Bldg. 4F, 5-2, 3-chome,
    Kanda Kaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0045 JAPAN


    From Kanda Station (JR) exit North: 3 minutes walk
    From Kanda Station (Subway) exit 2: 3 minutes walk

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